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The Trigger 18,000,000 volt Stun Guns by Safety Technology are outstanding devices. They have a rubberized coating that ensures a good grip and prevents your hand from slipping. When the trigger is squeezed there are finger grooves for added grip.

They have a built in 100 lumen super bright flashlight. Use daily or to blind an assailant. Also, this model has a built in charger. It has two prongs that slide out and it will plug directly into the electrical socket. [No cords to keep track of].

Also has a wrist strap disable pin. Put the strap around your wrist, if the stun gun is knocked from your hand or taken away from you, the pin is attached to the end of the wrist strap, it will detach, and the device will not operate, so it cannot be used on you.

Six Colors: Black, Blue, Red, Purple, Pink, Zebra

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