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wildfire pepper spray to keep them away

A couple of my friends had a concession stand about 12 years ago. They received a contract to keep their stand in a recreational park, which has daytime hours only.

After only a few days, they got to their stand and realized that someone had been tampering with the locks. I knew of a store to buy some wildfire pepper spray and got the 4oz. bottle for them.

They decided to take turns staying overnight at the stand to make sure no one could cause any more damage. Sure enough, only a couple nights later, my friend was awoken by someone jiggling the door knob.

Imagine being inside there, by yourself, no one else around, and someone is trying to get in. That will get the heart pumping, not knowing what to expect if this person gets in. So he gets his bottle of pepper spray which was right beside him just in case this happened, quietly moved in front of the closed door and waited. A few seconds later the intruder got the door open and immediately my friend doused him right in the eyes!

What a surprise that intruder got. Thinking he was in and going to steal something and all of a sudden he is in terrible pain. His eyes are burning, and swelled shut, It's hard for him to breathe, and he is disoriented. My friend had plenty of time to get away, or tie them up, or do what ever he wanted.

Turns out there was two of them, and the second didn't want any part of that, because my friend was not afraid to spray again. The intruders left the scene, one helping the other that was still in terrible pain.

My friend called the cops and they found the intruders at a nearby gas station washing off his face. The officer got his ultraviolet light out of his trunk, and his face lit up from the dye that is in the pepper spray.

This happened two more times in the same month. Someone tries to break in and gets sprayed. After that they did not have any more problems for the length of their contract. All those who broke in were doused by the pepper spray, all were caught, and all of them were local to that neighborhood.

I guess the word got around not to mess with that particular stand! Also, I think my friend did a very good job, and taught a few people a lesson!

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