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  • Diversion Safes Are Secret Compartment Containers

    •   Do you have valuables that need to be hidden? A great solution is to hide your things in plain sight. Diversion Safes are Secret Compartment Containers that look like household and auto items. Blend them in with the surroundings and no one will suspect a thing.
    • On the average, a thief spends less than 10 minutes in the home. They are looking for valuables, and being in a hurry, a robber doesn’t have the time to go through everything. These discreet stash containers allow you to hide valuables in the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, living room, garage or car.
    • These Diversion Safes are very effective when blended in to their environment. A shaving cream can safe in the bathroom isn’t something that a thief is looking for. A wall outlet safe, who looks there? A coke can safe in the pantry, a rock safe in a rock garden, an oil can safe on the shelf in the garage. Lots of places to hide your valuables with ordinary looking objects in plain sight.
    • These Safes are weighted and labeled, so that they look and feel the same as originals. Giving them even more protection. The Personal Care Diversion Safes are great for taking with you when you go on a trip, or to have in a purse or vehicle. Hair brushes, hair sprays, body sprays, lint rollers, all kinds of items to choose from.
    • No one out there wants their dwellings broken into, and I hope it never happens to you. But, it would be a wise choice to do what you can to protect the smaller objects, such as jewelry, or money, keys or sentimental things camouflaged in a Diversion Safe.
  • How To Use a Stun Gun

    Did you recognize violent crimes arise extra often at night time whilst the streets aren’t safe and a few humans are alert to assist? It has to come as no marvel. This could make walking at night a bit unnerving, mainly when you have to walk a few blocks.
    That is when self-protection strategies and gadgets are available to have in hand. If you may’t keep away from an assailant, your first-rate route of action could be to incapacitate them so that you can run off to safety. For this reason, a stun gun works pretty properly.
    However, you have to learn how to use a stun gun first earlier, so you can use it as an effective deterrent. Here are some considerations you need to recognize first:
    1. See If It’s criminal to your area.
    The responsibility of checking the legality of selling a stun gun to you falls inside the dealer. nonetheless, it’s not a awful idea to check it your self and notice if owning one gets you in problem with the law. A few towns and states might also have additional requirements if you wish to own and use a stun gun.
    It’s felony in almost all states, besides in a few few that have restrictions. In Connecticut, it’s prison to hold a stun gun. The same rule applies to Indiana, Michigan, and Mississippi.
    It’s also felony in Illinois, however you have to follow for a Firearm proprietor’s identification (FOID) first. notice: that applies to everywhere out of doors of Chicago. it's illegal in Chicago even when you have an FOID. In North Dakota and Wisconsin, you must get a concealed weapon permit for a stun gun.
    A stun gun is illegal to shop for, promote, or use in Hawaii, Massachusetts, New Jersey, the big apple, and Rhode Island. It’s additionally illegal the District of Columbia no matter being felony within the state.
    Those are the stun gun laws at a glance, but there is probably extra concerns with the possession of a stun gun. In Connecticut, as an example, it’s nonetheless a category D criminal to carry a stun gun in a automobile. make sure to get yourself acquainted with the legal guidelines for your town or county before buying and the use of a stun gun.
    2. Learn the way a Stun Gun Works
    so as to use a stun gun the right manner, you need to recognize the way it works first. The purpose of the stun gun is to incapacitate the assailant, and it does so by way of handing over a non-deadly excessive-voltage, low-amperage electrical shock.
    This kind of shock doesn’t have plenty depth, but it has plenty of stress behind it. it could disrupt the conversation between the muscle tissues and the brain as the rate combines with the body’s electrical indicators. This could make someone stressed and unable to transport his/her muscle mass in a regular way.
    It’s in no way designed to kill whoever it’s used on, yet there had been a few instances of death. You don’t want this to occur, however you do want to get away from problem so it’s crucial to understand the way it works.
    If you hold it for about 1 to 2 seconds, it can cause muscle spasms. If you maintain it for three seconds or greater, it may cause confusion, loss of stability, and lack of muscle control.
    3. Familiarize yourself together with your tool
    There are numerous kinds of stun weapons you can buy; you may select one based on characteristic or looks. for instance, cellular telephone or lipstick stun guns appear to be the common object, permitting you to cover them to your handbag with out searching conspicuous. Stun batons have a longer reach, and keychain stun weapons can help you have it with you at all times.
    Whichever is the first-rate stun gun for you, get to understand it first by way of analyzing the guide and locating the features. See where the buttons are and what they do. Locate the on/off transfer, the safety transfer, the trigger, and the disable pin wrist strap amongst different capabilities.
    Hold it in your palms and see the great way with a view to will let you get entry to the buttons effectively. adjust your grip as necessary to see that's greater at ease for you. Don’t contact the metallic contact probes, though, except you want to stun your self.
    Four. Check the Stun Gun
    With this, we suggest turning it on and test firing it; we don’t suggest to check it on an real human, inclusive of your self. First, grab your stun gun,hold away from your frame, then turn the device on and turn off the protection transfer.
    Press the trigger at the same time as keeping clean of the steel touch probes, and press it in 1 to two-2nd intervals. Then, attempt retaining the cause; this ought to make the tool preserve firing, as well.
    Remember to turn on the safety switch and flip off the device itself.
    We advocate doing this every so often to embed it for your muscle reminiscence. In a panic, our mind tends to neglect matters, so relying on muscle memory should show to be lifesaving. ensure to memorize how to turn off the safety transfer and turn the device on so you can do these immediately with out looking.
    5. Discover ways to intention with your Stun Gun
    As we’ve said above, you should make certain to target the proper muscle organizations for the stun gun to work. The easiest location to goal is among the neck and the waist, but it’s higher if you could purpose for the base of the neck, the place above the breast and the armpits, and the place above the abs.
    There are simplest 2 key areas in the palms you may goal, which include within the forearm and above the inner of your elbow. The interior of the thighs is also a prime stun vicinity, as well as the groin vicinity.
    Exercise the use of a stun gun so that you can memorize the movements and purpose for the high stun areas in most effective a second. however, the scenario and the panic won't enable us to intention for the right muscle businesses. In such instances, use the stun gun on whichever a part of the body you can hit.
    Know that a stun gun can penetrate through approximately ¼ inch of clothes, so you should not have some thing to fear about. Inside the wintry weather, though, it could be difficult to goal the other top regions because of thick jackets. The thighs should haven't any extra than ¼ inch of apparel, although, making them the nice area to target in such instances.
    6. Understand when and how to Use a Stun Gun
    A stun gun gives out intimidating sparks whilst in use, making it a great tactic to push back a potential attacker. fire it like a warning shot whilst you spot an apparent danger, firing it for 1 second at a time within the air. Refrain from keeping the trigger for greater than 1 second until it's in contact with the attacker.
    In case you’re caught unaware, even though, or if the attacker maintains to pursue you, hit the goal regions and keep it in touch for at least 3 seconds. You can keep it longer depending on the dimensions of the character and the voltage of your stun gun. If the character is still functioning as everyday, do not forestall firing the stun gun until he/she is on the ground.
    It’s vital to note that the charge will not jump to you despite the fact that the individual is maintaining you. You might not experience the electric shock except the metallic probes are in direct contact together with your body. This have to will let you preserve using the stun gun at the same time as he/she is grabbing you.
    it will take round 5 mins before he/she could be able to use his/her muscle groups once more. Use this time to get away and searching for assist if you may.
    you may additionally have to call 911 – this has the delivered gain of you getting to call first. The assailant might imagine to name 911 first and claim you attacked him/her.
    7. make sure the Batteries are working
    you may not need to use a stun gun in a long time; that’s first-rate, but you must make sure it nevertheless works. It has a battery as a way to use up even in case you don’t use it, so make it a habit to test if it has power. If it doesn’t have enough electricity, replace or recharge the batteries, taking care not to overcharge it.
    Overcharging can also harm the battery and shorten the tool’s lifespan. it may additionally void the battery, so make sure no longer to charge it for over 8 hours at a time. See the manufacturer’s suggestions on how regularly to fee beneath ordinary use.

  • wildfire pepper spray to keep them away

    A couple of my friends had a concession stand about 12 years ago. They received a contract to keep their stand in a recreational park, which has daytime hours only.

    After only a few days, they got to their stand and realized that someone had been tampering with the locks. I knew of a store to buy some wildfire pepper spray and got the 4oz. bottle for them.

    They decided to take turns staying overnight at the stand to make sure no one could cause any more damage. Sure enough, only a couple nights later, my friend was awoken by someone jiggling the door knob.

    Imagine being inside there, by yourself, no one else around, and someone is trying to get in. That will get the heart pumping, not knowing what to expect if this person gets in. So he gets his bottle of pepper spray which was right beside him just in case this happened, quietly moved in front of the closed door and waited. A few seconds later the intruder got the door open and immediately my friend doused him right in the eyes!

    What a surprise that intruder got. Thinking he was in and going to steal something and all of a sudden he is in terrible pain. His eyes are burning, and swelled shut, It's hard for him to breathe, and he is disoriented. My friend had plenty of time to get away, or tie them up, or do what ever he wanted.

    Turns out there was two of them, and the second didn't want any part of that, because my friend was not afraid to spray again. The intruders left the scene, one helping the other that was still in terrible pain.

    My friend called the cops and they found the intruders at a nearby gas station washing off his face. The officer got his ultraviolet light out of his trunk, and his face lit up from the dye that is in the pepper spray.

    This happened two more times in the same month. Someone tries to break in and gets sprayed. After that they did not have any more problems for the length of their contract. All those who broke in were doused by the pepper spray, all were caught, and all of them were local to that neighborhood.

    I guess the word got around not to mess with that particular stand! Also, I think my friend did a very good job, and taught a few people a lesson!

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